I’m hoping that this blog will fill your life with a little bit of light during these uncertain times. I’m choosing to look forward to the simple things in my life that make me happy. Sunshine, music, creative cooking, fine wine, and laughter. Looking back on the good ole days when I could go outside and create with others makes me appreciate my work even more. I can’t wait for the day that I can do that again but for now, let’s admire these beautiful photos of Heather from HK Photography. Being an Arkansas boudoir photographer one of my favorite things is to create with other photographers and artists. I asked Heather a few questions about her experience and here’s what she had to say.



What inspired your outfit choices and how did you prep for your session?

I’ve always LOVED the 1960’s/70’s. From the music to the clothes, to the home decor, and the whole counterculture. It was an important time for America and its people, and for some reason, I feel very connected to that era. So I knew I wanted a groovy outfit, but I also love denim. Like a classic ’90s, high waisted, Shania Twain, jeans. So my favorite jeans had to come along for the shoot.


As a fellow photographer why do you think it’s important to do one of these sessions for yourself and how did you feel about your experience working with another photographer?

I think it’s important to do a boudoir session for myself for lots of reasons. One being, maybe to show others that it’s okay to be proud of yourself. I know people talk a lot about self-love these days, but I feel like a lot of girls are still afraid of what people will think about them. The experience working with another photographer was really cool to see because of I kind of learned things throughout the session too. It’s interesting to see how other people shoot because I get comfortable doing something a certain way and forget to try new things. For example, I noticed Autumn really takes her time setting up the shot and only fires the shutter when she knows it looks exactly the way she wants. Also, she used the available light differently than I would have even thought about trying. So it kind of inspired me to want to try something new.


Do you have any words of advice to anyone who might want to do an Arkansas Boudoir session but is on the fence about it?

Honestly, the feeling I got when viewing my gallery was amazing. For me, the session made me feel more confident, and also stepping out of your comfort zone is so rewarding! I left the session feeling so good about myself, and excited by Autumn’s creativity! I knew she had created some unique images that I will be proud to look back on throughout my entire life. Boudoir is a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. I don’t think it’s all about being sexy anymore. It’s more about being able to look back at those images, remembering what your life was like at that certain time, and the changes you made to become that woman.  A permanent reminder of how strong you are! If you’ve been thinking about doing one, but aren’t sure, I’d 1000% say push those fears aside and go for it. It’s enlightening to see what you look like through someone else’s eyes! That quote “you are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger”, is kind of how I felt when viewing my images! I could go on and on about how good boudoir sessions are for a gal.


Booking an Arkansas boudoir session and tips:

If you think that you’re ready to create something beautiful with me and try having your own boudoir session click here to contact me about pricing. 

For ideas for outfits, I really like Zaful’s lingerie and intimates. They have affordable items that are actually great quality for the price. Heather’s one piece 70’s inspired outfit is from Hippie Shake. If you are looking for more Arkansas boudoir photography inspiration check out my other work here. 

About the photographer:

Autumn Marie is a wedding and elopement photographer born and raised in Arkansas. She provides services for weddings and elopement planning across the U.S. and worldwide. Her style is a natural film style photographer that captures earthy, romantic, playful photos mixed in with some creative editorial flare. For info on pricing contact me for rates and details! 

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