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Hi, I’m Autumn! I’m so excited that you found my page! When searching for an Arkansas wedding photographer it’s hard to find someone who can creatively capture your story in a unique way. I live for tiny moments and nostalgic imagery that documents you feeling relaxed and so good about yourself! I want you to think “Wow my life looks like a movie” and you and your love are the main characters! I love all things vintage and love to travel to find hidden treasures in new places. When I walk into a location I look for the scene, play with the lighting, and have a creative intentional approach to my directing. With my years of experience in planning and photographing weddings, I try to create a very relaxed and stress-free environment for all my wedding clients. Below you can read about my approach as an artist and what I offer in my Arkansas wedding photography packages.




The storytelling behind weddings

For a photo to tell a story, you need characters. You need to have a source of emotion. I use my source of elements around me to really give that sense of “I can feel this image”. Before I can start telling your story, I need to get to know you and how you met your love. When storytelling with photography, the composition of your shots is very important. I’m leading you through your story without words so you need details and direction. All of these perspectives of every moment tell the whole story. I want to know what kind of music you like, how you take your coffee and your favorite thing to do with your partner. Every part of you should shine through on your wedding day! I will be here to guide you through the planning process to ensure that’s exactly what you get.

The after-party celebration

I believe that a wedding reception should be open to interpretation when it comes to what that looks like. Maybe that means just you and your partner going out bar hopping and getting late-night pizza. For some, celebrating with all your closest family and friends in one place at one time truly can be the best night of your life. These always end up being some of my favorite photos that I capture from the day. They are always so expressive and candid! I use a lot of direct flash and creative techniques to document these fun moments!


Creative wedding photos that tell your story

Before each Arkansas wedding that I photograph I sit and gather a vision of creative shots that I can try to use on your wedding day. Sometimes this includes props or items that I know have sentimental value to you or your family. These are characteristics and context clues that I gather during the months leading up to your wedding day. It could be a song, a favorite book, maybe a vintage family car, or anything that I can use to tell your story. I like to ask my couples questions or tell them prompts that create a scene that really makes them feel in the moment and appreciate all the emotions they feel.


Adding film to your Arkansas wedding photography package is something I highly advise doing! I promise you won’t regret it! Film wedding photography is a bit of a lost art but it is making its way back to the wedding world. It is a creative medium that allows me to add that little extra something to the storytelling of your day. I offer a variety of film options to add to any Arkansas wedding photography packages. Film formats include Polaroid photos, 35mm film, and medium format. You get to keep all your polaroid photos at the end of your day!

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  Autumn Marie is a creative Arkansas wedding photographer born and raised in Northwest Arkansas. She provides services for weddings and elopement planning across the U.S. and worldwide. Her style is natural film-style photography that captures earthy, romantic, playful photos mixed in with some creative editorial flare. For info on pricing contact me for rates and details! 

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