When searching for Arkansas boudoir photography what normally comes up on google is your boring average overly photoshopped photos. I’m not that type of boudoir photographer and my approach is not to fix your imperfections in post-processing. My approach is to make you feel sexy, empowered and 100% true to yourself. That’s why I call these sessions “Self-Love” sessions because really that’s what they are. I’m not creating overly sexualized images. I’m taking you and creating a work of art using all of you. I play some music to set a mood and talk to you like a real friend and empathetic person, then we create some magic. I want you to leave the session feeling empowered not only about your body but who you are as a person. Being sexy is so much more than wearing some lingerie and laying in some sexy poses. It’s your confidence, your personality, your movements and more. I try to capture all the beautiful parts of you. You don’t have to wear lingerie at all actually just your favorite t-shirt and shorts will work just fine or maybe a beautiful dress with no bra. Whatever you feel best in that’s what you should wear. When you start to think about this session as a gift to yourself and not a way to impress anyone else your whole idea of boudoir sessions will change. I’m here to make you feel amazing about yourself flaws and all because we are all human.


Booking and Tips:

If you think that you’re ready to create something beautiful with me and try having your own boudoir session click here to contact me about pricing. 

For ideas for outfits, I really like Zaful’s lingerie and intimates. They have affordable items that are actually great quality for the price. If you are looking for more Arkansas boudoir photography inspiration check out my other work here. 

About the photographer:

Autumn Marie is a wedding and elopement photographer born and raised in Arkansas. She provides services for weddings and elopement planning across the U.S. and worldwide. Her style is a natural film style photographer that captures earthy, romantic, playful photos mixed in with some creative editorial flare. For info on pricing contact me for rates and details! 

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